DEC 14th, 2018


Available in online stores and on streaming platforms from December 14th. Vinyl will be available in January to be ordered here. Or get it directly at our record release show on Jan 26th.

Vinyls will be sent out as soon as we get them. We expect you to have the record mid January.

15 €, shipping to Germany: 4 EUR (safely packaged and assured)


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Join us on a trip of Heavy Psychedelic Power Blues!

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  • 26 Jan'19

    Record Release Show Our album is out and the vinyls are ready to spin on your turntable. Grab your copy and celebrate with us the new piece of music with a loud'n'heavy live show. We will have a special guest supporting us this evening.

    venue Musik & Frieden, Berlin

    tickets 10€

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  • 05 Apr'19

    Crypt Trip + The Grand Acid

    venue Cafe Ticolor, Erfurt


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  • 06 Apr'19

    Crypt Trip + The Grand Acid

    venue Gaststätte Eichenkranz, Dresden


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A name that incorporates both the powerful sound and the psychedelic jam-based character of their songs. Since their foundation in 2015 the band has defined their characteristic sound bed at the edge of progressive blues and hard psychedelic rock. Like not many others, the Berlin based power rockers know how to swirl up melodic and blues-rooted elements into vigorous and voluminous live jams, held tight by a bunch of riffs that cut through the haze like a skill saw. In 2018, THE GRAND ACID has released their self-titled debut album, delivering 40 minutes of pervading riffs sliced into seven sharp pieces of pure energy.

“THE GRAND ACID of Berlin, Germany have released their first full length LP. It is filled with American styled hard blues, stoner rock, and classic rock riffs and vocals. The male tenor vocals are clear and strong, the rhythm section is heavy hitting. The guitars are the star of the show with their mind blowing chops, delicious Wah sounds, extended solos, hard driving rhythms and classic marshall stack guitar tones. The album sounds awesome with high quality recording and production that captures the ripping live sound of THE GRAND ACID. The music pulses with driven intensity that drives audiences wild….The songs are exciting and interesting, the guitar playing becomes increasingly progressive with technical bridges leading into fast blown out hard fuzz guitar solos which reach the intensity of bands like Earthless. THE GRAND ACID is a new band with technical skill and chops that are impressive. The hard blues music is both what you would expect at first and evolves into a progressive fuzz guitar display which is outside of what is expected for this musical style. These elements of innovation set this band apart from many others in the genre.” (

“THE GRAND ACID sounds like a righteous tab of serious blotter, and, in a way, that's exactly what this group's music feels like; spacey, multi textured layers of musical atmospherics backed by exceptional songwriting…. THE GRAND ACID has given us a diverse record that is full of great playing, songwriting, and some of the sweetest guitar tones out there. These 7 tracks are sure to please fans of many genres, as they are influenced by many.” (Tom Hanno, Doom Charts)

“Mit THE GRAND ACID erhält eine neue musikalische Droge Einzug auf dem Markt für bewusstseinserweiternden Psychedelic Rock. Mit ihrem komplett in Eigenregie entstandenen Debütalbum entführt das Berliner Trio auf einen fuzzigen Trip in die versteckten Weiten der menschlichen Vorstellungskraft. Durch lange, psychedelische Instrumentals erzeugen sie eine einnehmende hypnotische Atmosphäre, die sich in Songs wie Thick as a Brick und Manta fast bis zur klanglichen Ekstase steigert. Hinter der halluzinogenen Pille mit dem plakativen Namen versteckt sich jedoch viel mehr als eine Reise ins Zeitalter der Exzesse von Woodstock und anderswo. Neben den ausufernden Instrumental-Passagen zeigen die drei Hauptstädter eine Vorliebe für Genregrenzen überschreitende Sound-Mischungen, die nicht selten an 70s Hardrock à la Black Sabbath erinnern. Mit jeder Menge Retrocharme verlieren sie sich in der fast zehn Minuten langen Soundwelle Lost zwischen energischen Adrenalinschüben und meditativem Klanggeplätscher. In Neptune dagegen kippen sich die Berliner nochmal eine Portion Earthless in den Kaffee und donnern damit in dreckiger Stoner-Rock-Manier voran. Wie der Soundtrack zu einem Fiebertraum wirkt dagegen Bull, in dem THE GRAND ACID seinen hektischen Höhepunkt findet. Vorsicht, Suchtgefahr.” (VISIONS, 2019)

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